Sunday, September 03, 2006

Podcast :: Ad Hoc :: Jon Godfrey

Its been a great day...and I am posting things in a last in, first out...kind of way.

Tonight, my close friend Jon Godfrey presented the thought in the evening meeting. He spoke well and I would recommend you check his thought out.

Full fat AAC for folk who want chapters :: AAC (11.5mb)

The skinny MP3 version for folk who don't rock the iPod or prefer not to deal in propriety formats :: MP3 (11mb).

Moving forward, I will be moving the podcasts to my pal, Chris Hinton's webspace - Council of War. We are aiming to get an RSS feed that will enable us to post the podcasts onto iTunes... Thanks Chris!

Let me know what you think on Jon's content. Let's start a discussion.

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