Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Travel Guides... 2006 style

I like this... Sony have developed with ((lonely planet)) some sweet travel guides for the PSP. Check out ((psp passport)) for full details but here's the gist...
Passport to... Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague.

* Uniquely interactive travel guides exclusively available on PSP (PlayStation Portable).
* Get the low-down on over 250 of the hottest restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, shops and sights.
* Discover the city with easy-to-use maps, scene-setting movies, essential info and audio phrasebook in 5 languages.
* Plan your perfect trip on-the-go, create your own itinerary, or choose from a selection ready-made.
* Split from the beaten track with inspirational audio tours and download updates online.
I really do like this... interactive travel guides of some of the fabbest places on the planet... all on the PSP.

Sony are really pushing the boat out on making the PSP more than just a games / multimedia console... this takes it to a new level and should open up them up to new markets. Throw in the Talkman and you are going places.

Although, the skeptic in me thinks the first place you'll be going if you whip your PSP out in a strange land is to the Police to report it nicked!!!

Scmap do dynamic travel guides for loads of places around the world. They give you a wee app, the ((Schmap Player)) that enables you to do dynamic browsing which integrates maps, reviews and online content with virtual tours and search capability. Sounds great... but I have to wait until they get their boffins to create a Mac version of the player.

...or I suppose you could just buy a book... like the ((Moleskin City Guide))... Basically, you create your own city guide for places like Rome, London, Vienna and Dublin... recording your travels and memories in the spaces provided in the sweet little Moleskin notebook. Would make a fab wee gift for someone... adds an extra dimension. Nice idea.

Check them out.

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Chris H said...

One of my photos was included in the Schmap Glasgow guide :)


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