Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coffee with Innes

Caught up with Innes J today for a quick coffee. It was fab to meet and share our ideas for new expressions of church.

He is starting his own home church gathering this Sunday... which is wonderful! Lots of sharing dreams and stories... reaching out over food and taking time to discover God's love.

Sounds great, my friend! Will be thinking about you.

I also shared my ideas for ((deep)) and for the potential plant... He suggested I explore a local college as a starter for the plant. Create a community then move with the College when it moves to the area that we were hoping to plant in. Need to explore that idea - thanks!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas
trying to catch up with Emails and your Blog, when this caught my eye.
Under Alex instruction I have been trying to get the Army into my college, I thought I was begining to break the ice a little when a meeting was arranged between myself and the student support manager.
Unfortunately the meeting ended rather abruptly with me being told that the College had enough Christian faith representation and no more would be required.
So you will possibly have an uphill struggle on this front, although whilst at my previous college I started and ran a successfull Christian support group at lunch times this may be an alternative route to approach the subject.


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