Saturday, September 23, 2006

one web day

Merchant City Festival - French Market
Originally uploaded by Headphonaught.

Yesterday was one web day :: a celebration of the web and all the good things it has brought.

Well I thought I'd share a wee bit about how this interweb thing has changed my life... and I mean changed!!!

Take the photo above... took it yesterday near my work in the Merchant City in Glasgow. There was a French street market on... and I love playing with the panorama function on my SE750i. Anyway, I posted it to my Flickr account and tagged it with onewebday as recommended on the Beeb. The photo has been view a number of times and was picked up by the NowPublic news site. Cool!

Flickr is a great tool for sharing with people, creating informal networks and developing visual awareness. I'm not a trained artist like the Soos or Olly and Flickr is an amazing tool to help me learn.

What else? Well think of this here Nanolog and the community that has evolved around it. I can keep my family uptodate with my goings on... Folk like my folks... the Soos and Janey & Roscoe... Bobbito & Diane... Jon G... Studgie & Wee Emma...

I can converse with really great people who I have never met... cool folks like EP / Andy / Paula / Roy / Laura Lou / JD / Nuno / [pernell*] / Johnny L / Matt / Joel

I have also met some wonderful people who I can keep in touch with over the web... folk like DJ Haggis / Stevie / Chris H / Al to name just a few.

Now you know why I call it a community... and I love it!

Blogging has really opened me up to God's love... and all that is happening in the world... especially concerning the wonderful new expressions of church that are emerging all over the world. It has also crystalised my feelings... my faith... you get the whole of me on the nanolog... not just one small part.

So what else has the ol' infosupahiway allowed me to do? Well I can podcast great sermons via iTunes and Chris' site :: I can realise a dream to DJ via JD's start up :: Lighthouse21 - going to be doing 90 min mixes soon that JD will stream... cool!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The net has revolutionised my life with some help from Apple and Belkin for the whole wi-fi... mobile thing.

Thanks to everyone who is journeying with me.


Anonymous said...

So glad to be journeying with you too, mate! That's what it's ALL about. BUT, we will meet ONE DAY!!!! Thanx for the shout out! EP

Johnny said...

I have to agree - big time - Thomas. What I find really interesting are the "connections" that I've spoken about so often. Also, there's a meeting of minds online that is just crazy(in a good way).

Do you notice, too, how many blogging, coffee drinkin' U2 lovin' moleskine usin' Pastory types there are out there? ;-)

Peace & Blessings



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