Friday, September 01, 2006

((deep)) :: a very favourable response...

I am totally supportive of us looking further into this, especially over a latte!

In Manchester, I was involved at the beginning of 7 new plants, some of them NEOs. Also I got involved in the Boiler Room and encouraged the set-up of one in Manchester during the Commonwealth Games.

We need to meet to chat on this but please allow me to give my gut reactions:-

1) we need to facilitate emerging church
2) by it's nature, emerging church is totally different from any other form of church - indeed emerging churches are different from each other as is liquid church!
3) relationships are how people will be won into the Kingdom, not only in a post-modern and Post-Christian world but actually since time began!
4) a relevant safe space is needed which does NOT look like the established concept of church.../
Extract from email responding to the ((deep)) proposal

It's going to happen!

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Anonymous said...

I know you showed me this today, but I thought I should leave a comment. This is great! was good to see the whole of the emails, was surprised to see my words in there, didnt seem that much when i wrote them. Would love to see this happen in central glasgow. out where the people are, I think this would just explode. Was given a prophesy tonight by text, but i havent talked to the person about it yet so will blog about it some time in future. Continually praying for you, olly, ((deep)) and the wee uns.


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