Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Music...

Got some new tunes... all in for a tenner!

First off... with a racy 60's style cover... is the soundtrack to Roman Coppola's CQ. Its a film set in 1969 about a film set in 2001... and the music fits right in. Haven't seen the film but do like Mellow - they remind me of Air circa Moon Safari... and this album doesn't disappoint. It is full of short sixties-esque psychedelica... and I love it. Atmospheric, soundscapes with futuristic (60's style) choirs and guitars and weird synths. Lovely.

Next up is the funky ska and soulful reggae of Toots Hibert and the Maytals - I love rhythm culture... and love ska's bounce and reggae's lilt. Toots and the Maytals are superstars and this compilation on Trojan captures the group's vibe. Makes me long for summer days in the garden. Pressure Drop is such a powerful song... Hmm, in fact, I'm inspired to create a mix for JD that will showcase the track. Not everyone likes reggae... but I do... and if you want something more than Bob Marley's Legend then check out the Maytals. Fab!

Lastly, been after this album for a wee while now... ever since I saw Mark de Clive-Lowe and Bembe Segue at the TrocaBrahma event. Fresh and new... lovely keyboards and great vocals... this is nujazz at its best. Vibrant. Upbeat. Happy. Vanessa Freeman guests on one track... and shines as always. Wonderful.

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