Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Got a couple of DVDs today...

My old friend Roberto sent me this King Crimson DVD called Neal and Jack and Me - its two concerts from the early eighties... and I am, to be honest, hooked! Up until now... Red was my only real taste of Mr Robert Fripp and his merry men!

Very rhythmic...and interesting... in an old-is-new kind of way. Thank you, Roberto, for challenging me to look beyond my self imposed musical boundaries. I think everyone needs some prog rock in their lives!

I also got the first [NOOMA] DVD :: Rain :: for £3.50 in Wesley Owen - I haven't watched it yet... but if its anything like the ones I have seen so far, it'll be fab.

Now... just wish I had some time to watch them.

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Laura Whispering said...

'Rain' is amazing!
It was one of those things that i stumbled across at just the right time when i watched it the other week. <3

Johnny said...

I always preferred the other guitarist, Adrian Belew, in the worringly named "King Crimson." (Wiki it - you'll see what I mean! ;-) He's the really off-the-wall one. He did some great solo stuff too.

There was a trio of awesome albums in the 80s:

Three of a Perfect Pair


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