Thursday, September 07, 2006

Been quiet...

Hey there... just a quick post to say sorry for being pretty quiet. Work is real mad hectic just now and I'm busy with church and stuff.

Big cheers go to Olly for outing me as a Steps fan... there goes my rep! Thanks for your support, honey.

Thanks to the Soos for his concern... Can't wait to hook up for Departure Lounge and check out the Sister Gertrude CD...

Muchos gracias also goes to a chap called RobGT who is a friend of my eBuddy AndyW (Andy, you are in denial about folk music, btw) and a member of the ol' nanolog community. He sent me this... which made me happy:
Hi Headphonaught,

I found your blog after my buddy Andy White (liveabiglife) highlighted it in his blog. I love reading your blog because (a) your Scottish writing makes me feel homesick, (b) you jump about from subject to subject (c) are always opening my eyes to new things and (d) you can be really deep about Christianity and where we're all at.

Thanks for all the work that you must put into the Nanolog - it's most definitely appreciated!

I look forward to seeing what happens with ((deep)) too. My wife and I have being going to the SA Coventry City Corp for the last few months and enjoy it mostly. Jo (my other half) is fourth-generation SA, but my background is a bit more varied. The Officers, Mike & Lisa, are very cool and are really trying to move things forward but it reads like your corp are somewhere ahead of us!

Again, thanks for the hard work. Keep it up!
I don't want to come over all bigheaded but its nice to get positive feedback like this. Thanks Rob... welcome to the community.

I'll post something more substantial soon... thanks!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT photo of you two! That's a framer, imho!!!!!!!!!


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