Sunday, April 15, 2007

Alan & Jacequeline's Wedding

My love

I had the privilege of escorting my life to my cousin Alan's wedding.


He got married to the lovely, and must-be-very-patient-to-marry-him, Jacequeline at a sweet little service at the Baptist Church in Larkhall: The pianist played a couple of Disney tunes (The one from The Lion King and the one from Aladdin) and one of Jacequeline's pals sang Songbird.

The view at New Lanark Mill Hotel

The reception was held at New Lanark Mill Hotel and what a tremendous venue for it. It was truly stunning in the spring sun (we had about 22 degrees) with the water and the architecture. We had a wee bit of spare time... and wandered aimlessly with ice creams and tea-to-go while we waited for the photos to finish.

The meal was first class... and the speeches... especially the best man's (my cousin Keith) were funny and well presented.

Afterwards... we danced the night away to a ceilidh and some standard wedding tunes.

Lorraine, Olly & EmmaStudgie, the Headphonaught & Boydy
Graeme, Gillian & KeithBilly, Aunt Ann, Maureen & my mum

It was great to spend some time in the company of my extended family... although I was most happy to be with my wife... who was looking particularly good!


Good times! All the best Alan and Jacequeline! May God bless you abundantly.

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Paula said...

What a beautiful spot!! And hooray for dancing....celebrations always fill me with joy, like I sense God watching and being pleased with his children. I'm glad you got to celebrate with your friends.


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