Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Music :: Loads of new tunes...

This is the 2nd music related post I promised yesterday.

There is a lot of new tunage out there from some of my fav artists. This is more of a wishlist than any real review - after all, can't review something I haven't heard yet. Eager to check them out.

OK... First off we have Cornelius with his follow up to the amazing Point - Sensuous - I love Keigo Oyamada's work. Its kind of hard to describe. Its like a mixtape of bleeding-edge electronica with 60's Beach Boysesque harmonies and styling and Black Sabbath style chunky guitars. I have listened to his work probably too much... and cherish my signed copy of his first Western release - Fantasma. He is a musical genius of the Phil Spector school... and well worth checking out.

Next in line are The Bees with their follow up to another of my fav albums, Free the Bees - Octopus - If it is anything like its predecessor with its classic rock and psychedelic soul sensibilities then it will be a belter. Free the Bees is coming with us on holiday... its a classic!

I am a huge fan of 4her0 - two pages and creating patterns are two timeless albums that are chock full of promise with their future soul and new jazz. They introduced me to drum & bass... and yet hold far more than the limits of the genre. Relaxing and yet powerful. I can't wait to here - play with the changes - I am eager to hear how they have progressed and developed since creating patterns.

I've been looking forward to Air's new album - Pocket Symphony - for a while now. Moon Safari is in my all time top 5 and, apart from their second album (the one I can not name), their work is amazing. Olly is a big fan too - her ring tone is Cherry Blosom Girl from their last album, Talkie Walkie. Great song. Hope this album holds gems like that.

Lastly, in this wish list, is the goddess of the new wave of Brazilian music: Bebel Gilberto with her third album: Momento. Tanto Tempo, her first album with the greatly missed Suba, is another in my all time top five. I was mildly disappointed at first with her second album (Bebel) purely because it didn't and probably couldn't live up to her first album. I did quickly grow to love it... and the remix album ensured the longevity of her work in the front of my mind. I can't wait to here Momento... and anticipating another strong set of remixes... hopefully with more from Tom Middleton.

I hope to pick up a couple of these albums while away on holiday. If / when I do... I'll let you know how good they are.

I suggest you check the artists out... if you haven't already... and enjoy some sweet music. 2007 is going to be a good year for music (kind of like 1997 if I remember rightly...)

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I just got my tickets for Frenzy on 9th June - you got yours yet?

Big event.
You need to go.


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