Sunday, April 15, 2007

Alpha / a life worth living

Another session of the Alpha Course commences tomorrow night with our Captains - Alec and Andrea - leading Alpha... and Kenny facilitating the discussion. Olly and I are doing something new... and leading A Life Worth Living.

Looking forward to this. Its a commitment... but a worthwhile commitment. One that I know works. Alpha breaks down stereotypes and allows people to ask questions in an open and safe space. Its about trying to understand the Christian faith for yourself... not what you have been told by others... or even from the media... but what you think.

I like the fact that I don't know all the answers... let alone any of the questions. I also love meet new people and developing connections.

If you can make it... I'd love to see you there!

To keep track of the dates... I've created a public google calendar - click on the badge below for the dates of this session.


The evening went well... as a result of the people who came along. We had 11 in total which... on the surface... isn't a great number... but they were there because they wanted to be. One chap, who is doing Alpha, is just bursting with enthusiasm... like his dad, who did Alpha before him. I was also delighted to see a friend join us for a life worth living... who had be unable to attend the previous course and missed out because we cancelled the home groups.

In addition... the home group was able to continue... with 7 people attending that.

Its not about the numbers... but the quality of experience! I am pleased to say that this is the start of another great session.

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