Saturday, April 28, 2007

I DJ every-so-often for my pal JD Blundell :: he has a wee net radio station called Orange Noise Radio over in Texas... playing some great tunes over 'tinterweb. I have appreciated the opportunity to drop some crazy mixes... from ambient electronica through to cheesy Christmas rock via acoustic guitar... its something fun that I don't get to do as often as I would like.

His radio space under threat with the changes to legislation... and I ask you to support him... and in any way you can. Please follow the links... and see what you can do.

Oh and while we are talking about JD - he get's married today! I've watched from afar as his relationship has blossomed... and on behalf of the ol' nanolog community... I would like to wish Laurie & JD every blessing for their future together. As Olly and I can testify... it just gets better and better!

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Anonymous said...

I'm right with you buddy - I enjoy some of the stations on net radio and hope that things get sorted out properly.

However, check this out ( for a possible resolve to this.


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