Sunday, April 01, 2007

A wee break...

The Family Headphonaught are off on our travels for a few days... Heading towards Berwick-upon-Tweed for a break with my folks. Hoping to go to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne and spend some time there.

Also hoping to go to the
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
to check out, amongst other things, Brian Eno's latest work - called The Constellations (77 Million Paintings) which is billed as “visual music” using screens showing constantly evolving paintings. The 77 million paintings are generated from handmade slides, randomly combined by a computer using specially developed software. A soundtrack of interwoven sound accompanies the work. The random nature of The Constellations allows each visitor a unique experience.

Most of all... we are looking forward to a break... and a rest. We need to take time to recharge our batteries and contemplate what is important.

If I get online... I'll post pics and comments on the happenings of that day. Otherwise... I'll be back on Saturday.

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