Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coffeeshops as 2nd places?

Around the world we all started hanging more in cafes. But maybe that's not going to last. Have you tried to sit in a cafe recently? You can't there are hardly any seats and, certainly, no table space left!

An interesting article on that asks the question... Is The Bedouin Worker Killing The Third Place?

I haven't really experienced the encroaching of work into the third places I spend time in... but can imagine it happening soon. My co-conspirators in the website thing I have been working on regularly meet in coffee shops... and I take my moleskines with me when I grab some time away from the desk.

I think one possible solution for this... is co-working. Places where you have the best of both worlds (2nd & 3rd places).

Food for thought... check out the article.
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