Sunday, April 08, 2007

First Light

First Light

Blessed be the God who lifts us up
Blessed be the God of Heaven
Blessed be the risen and ascended Lord
Blessed be the Christ in glory.
Bless us, Lord, with vision
Bless us, Lord, with faith
Bless us, Lord, with hope.
May this place be a sacred place
May this be where heaven and earth meet.

St Aidan (from David Adam's book: Flame in my heart)

Happy Easter to all my friends in the ol' nanolog community... and to anyone who has come across this blog for the first time.

My thanks to Bobbito and Kenny... who joined me to witness the first light with prayer.

Its time to celebrate... for He is risen.

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Laura Whispering said...

Happy Easter!
Have a lovely one xo

caldjr said...

And a very Happy Easter to you and yours Thomas. May the real joy of the Risen Lord be yours this day and in the days ahead. Praying for you at SNAC tonight too.


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