Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Sunday


What a day! Getting up before 6AM to share with Kenny and Bobbito was the start of a brilliant, if somewhat busy, day.

We shared a breakfast of cereal, fruit, hot cross buns and eggs with our friends in the Corps... followed by an excellent morning gathering. Capt. Alec was on fire as you will hear at Council of War - he kicked off with SM Lockeridge's famous sermon: That's My King which went down a storm.

After the morning gathering... approximately 50 of us marched in celebration through the streets of Bellshill. Its good to see / hear the Band out on the streets and the reception we received was warm and friendly.

Later on... at the afternoon gathering... we had a period of sharing where people told their stories. Amazing to consider how God is working in the lives of the people in our Corps.

Afterwards, a number of us stayed and shared in soup and fellowship... before bringing the evening to a close with S*N*A*C.

We had music from Live to Tell, B*L*O*C with the mighty Morag on drums, Liz and Laura, and Liz P with her special rendition of Green Hill to the tune of House of the rising sun;

In addition, we had a drama and a testimony from a chap called Bobby from Airdrie who is on fire for His God. Capt. Alec brought it all together at the end.

I know its not about quantity... but this S*N*A*C was the best yet... with 40something people experience a quality gathering.

All in... what a great day!


Anonymous said...

Kenny and Bobbito are new characters to the world of Headphonaught. But there hasn't been a mention of the Soos in a whle!

weareallghosts said...


Unfortunately the Soos and I are having some difficulties that, out of respect for him, I'd prefer not to go into here... However, what I will say is that I am guilty of spreading myself too thinly... and people are suffering.

Take care...


caldjr said...

Aside of all other difficulties, so glad that SNAC went well this month. God's really blessing this ministry. Praying God's guiding hand on you and especially your control of your diary. Maybe a tad naff to say so, but you need to let go and let God.
praying for you as always


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