Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sensuous by Cornelius

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Wow... what an album... Sensuous by Cornelius is truly an awesome piece of imagination. Subtle at times... with bells (Sensuous) and delicate vocals from Kings of Convenience (Omstart)... moving to intense and unrelenting (Gum)... Keigo Oyamada has created a masterpiece of stereophonic joy. The soundscapes and electronics are breathtaking... as is the intricate rhythms and syncopation.

This is one album that deserves your full attention for the 47 minutes that it is on. Best heard through a decent pair of headphones... the sound moves and shifts... keeping you guessing...

I love this album... and recommend it to anyone looking for something new... something challenging... something ultimately rewarding and worthwhile.

Cornelius... I salute you! You've done it again.

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