Thursday, April 19, 2007

Leeds... on the train


I have a fondness for the North of England: I love Leeds... York... Scarborough... and from my last break... Northumbria in all its beauty.

I needed to do some face-to-face work in Leeds yesterday and decided to take the train. Less carbon... and I can get the train at Motherwell. It maybe takes me 30 mins more to go by train than to fly (or should I say cab-plane-cab) and I can get some much more done.

I love first class!

Another thing in favour of traveling by train... first class! I fly economy... but, for some reason, get to go 1st if the journey is more than 2 hours. The trip to Leeds (via York) is 3hrs 40ish mins... so free shortbread and coffee for me! The lassie looking after the carriage was determined to get me wired - my coffee cup never ran dry... which was conducive to creating graphics in visio for a discussion pack.

York Station

York Station is beautiful... with amazing perspectives if you look up. That's one of the things I love about traveling... time! Time to look out the window at the green and yellow flashing by... or time to look up and see the architecture. Time to work... time to listen to tunes... and time to read.


Grabbed lunch and a latte in Stabucks with my colleague... I walked him through the presentation I finalised on the train (and presented today). Later on... as a wee treat... I grabbed 10mins in Muji. I don't know why they don't have one in Glasgow. Loads of stuff caught my eye... but nothing grabbed my wallet (thankfully). The shops in Leeds are supersonic... especially Hip with their supply of Stussy and Supreme. Could only window shop.


Life is a blur if you don't take time out to look... listen... enjoy!

On the way home I finished the book I've been reading on St Aidan - brilliant. I am inspired by this Holy Man. Will write more on him soon. It was sweet to see Lindisfarne from the train. Made the story that wee bit more special.

Arrived in the 'Well just before 2000hrs. The we'ans were still up and it was lovely to come home. Life is not about what we have... but who we have in our lives! We finished the day off in each others arms... watching Dante's Peak on the telly. Its a wee bit worrying that the we'ans can sleep through a pyroclastic cloud!!!

Days like this help me move on... forget my troubles... and just rest in the presence of the Divine... and his many blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Aah...the Yorkshire train run...exquisite! Working for a Yorkshire-based company as I do, I tend to make regular visits to the North of England. My preferred mode of travel is flying (*flicks the V's to Al Gore*) but train travel is sometimes necessary - especially when I need to break the laptop out and prep stuff.

I'll probably try and use the train more...frequent flyer miles be damn'd!



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