Friday, April 20, 2007

Suitable for a desire to share by [flutterspot]

On a netlabel tip over the last few days... Its amazing what is out there for free. My latest discovery is on the Monotonik netlabel :: Suitable for a desire to share by Flutterspot...
We're delighted to present a second release from Finnish graphic artist and musician Flutterspot, following the 'Labmat EP' back in early 2006, and this time round, 'Suitable For A Desire To Share' is almost 40 minutes of lushly layered electronic music to die for - or at least freeze a little bit.
I am loving this album. It reminds me of Boards of Canada but with more sun... if that makes any sense. The beats are crisp and the soundscapes are suitably interesting... enough to keep you hooked until its over. Layers of melody... with a tremendous sense of feeling and warmth. Its not all synths... there are guitars too... albeit they are manipulated in some electronica-mojo kind of way.

Fav track..? Probably the glitchy You are not an end of a rainbow or the opening IDM of Small, brightly coloured, highly arboreal. Well recommended. Check it out.

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