Monday, April 23, 2007

((deep)) @ ignite

Crest in City Centre Corps

I launched the concept of ((deep)) tonight to the ignite gathering at the City Centre Corps in Glasgow.

My slides can be downloaded from here::

the ignite gathering

About 30 something people gathered for pizza and "pop"... and to discuss the concept of ((deep)) along with the essential programme Paul Clement is leading and another essential programme being run in Easterhouse, Glasgow;

I was a tremendous opportunity to engage with this group of people and try to present the concept of ((deep)) to them.

At one point, if I am honest, I felt I was trying to explain snow to a Bedouin... Its hard to distill a vision I have been given into a 15 minute something. I came over a bit vague with a fuzzy idea... but I believe the people there got the gist... or at least a flavour of the gist... and I am encouraged by that.

To be honest... I feel flat... deflated... and tired. Its out there and will hopefully begin to take a live of its own... people should be talking about it... and thinking about how they can contribute to the whole... rather than just consume.

Paul's presentation on the musical essential programme was great. He is a man with a vision that will compliment elements of ((deep)) - the essential band, for example, will become the house band for ((deep))... with the team actively working with the ((deep)) team to make the events / gatherings happen.

It was also encouraging to hear about another essential opportunity in Easterhouse. Its an amazing opportunity... for the right person.

Where do we go from here? Need to handpick the team... and look for premises.

I'm encouraged that it is happening... just need to stamina to see it through.

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