Friday, April 13, 2007

Tinderbox and Hitherto

Paul at Tinderbox

Grabbed a coffee with my mate and colleague Paul today. It was lovely and sunny... and we went somewhere dark and interesting... to catch up and hang out.

Upstairs in Tinderbox

Tinderbox is a fab space at the corner of Montrose and Ingram. I say "space" because its more a continental cafe than a coffeehouse. Food looks fab... but have only tried their cupcakes (it was wonderful!) Their coffee, on the other hand, was superb... with a barista who took great care... and made a lovely leaf pattern on my beverage.

Upstairs in Tinderbox

The space has some wonderful nooks and crannies... dark booths for intimate conversations... such as my 6-monthly appraisal (which I did just fine in!) and romantic liaisons (witnessed but not experienced! Will take Olly there soon)

The upstairs mezzanine is bright and functional... with a great big window for watching people on Ingram St.

Tinderbox interior

Tinderbox interior

There is wireless there... although I'm not sure of the provider... and they have a fantastic space in the back called Hitherto which is the kind of gift shop that I just love... and my bank manager hates. Full of unique... unusual merchandise with a handmade aesthetic. Bags, tees, wallets... notebooks (no Moleskine)... graphic novels... art... music... Fantastic! Will be back.

From Screendumps
Got me thinking... could be a good place for a gathering... Hmm! Nice place all in... reminds me of New York and London. Check it out... if you get the chance... or let's meet there sometime?!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the appraisal was "just fine!" Good that Olwyn will enjoy one of the nooks and crannies at some point.


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