Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter S*N*A*C + Easter Services at Bellshill SA

From S*N*A*C flyers

Sorry for not posting this sooner... but S*N*A*C is on tomorrow night. A special Easter celebration... with a bowl of soup and sharing before hand.

Tomorrow is going to be a pure hectic celebration...

Starting at 0600hrs with an intimate prayer time at the Roman Bridge at Strathclyde Park... Followed by breakfast at the Corps at 0900hrs... which will lead nicely into a time of celebration and worship at 1030hrs.

Afterwards... weather permitting... we will be going out into Bellshill for a march of witness. If you are in the area... I'm the fat bloke with a uniform that's too tight for him (Think Alexi Sayle!!!)

We come back to the hall for 1700hrs for the evening meeting... followed by soup and sharing together... before S*N*A*C at 2000hrs. Its going to be more musical... with Olly bringing Caroline and Daniel (aka Live To Tell) along... and Elizabeth singing too. My old pal Morag is going to help BLOC out on the drums too... which will be cool (Brian can't make tomorrow night)

All in... its going to be a great day. Oh and I can have a coffee too! Sweet.

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