Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Roots challenge

New shoes :: Pro Keds

Olly and I are not going to Roots this year... unless anyone can spot us the money :-) Our wee romantic jaunt to Edinburgh to celebrate our togetherness means we can't make it to Southport.

Its a wee bit annoying... considering Chris and Dawn, the Rous (plural), Jonny Laird and his posse, and a number of other nanologgers are going. We could have had a gathering or something...

Anyway... I'd love to set a wee challenge for anyone going to Roots this year. Go to the Tommy Ball discount shoe shop on the main street and get yourself a pair of classic Pro-Keds. These shoes were the first shoe to have cult status in the NYC hippity-hoppity community (Stussy recently did a collab with them)... and I find them really hard to source.

I thought they were deadstock... but from their official website :: :: they still have the Royal-Master in weird colours in the vintage section.

I think they are better than Chucks and would recommend them to anyone. I have asked Chris to pick me up another pair (or maybe 2) - they are selling for £4 each.

Maybe Nanologgers could identify themselves via their brand new Pro-Keds while at Roots. Silly, I know... but fun... we could start a trend. Whatcha think?

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