Friday, January 24, 2014

"A Wolf at the Gate" - a Kickstarter campaign from Mark Van Steenwyk

I'm a wee bit late to the game here ... but for my friends of faith ... and those who aren't but are interested in fab illustration ... my friend Mark Van Steenwyk has a Kickstarter out.

He has written a book entitled "A Wolf at the Gate" ... it is billed as an imaginative retelling of the legend of St. Francis and the wolf, in which peace overcomes violence ... and is beautifully illustrated by Joel Hedstrom.

Mark has raised his initial goal and has a few 'stretch' goals that are of interest to me ...

If he raises $9,000 Mark will also professional record an audio-book that will be freely available in digital form to EVERY backer ... and if he raises $11,000 Mark will commission and collaborate with a musician to create a children's album based upon the book. Again ... this will be freely available in digital form to EVERY backer.

As of writing, we have 16 days left and I, for one, want to encourage anyone interested to pledge what they can to make these stretches happen.


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