Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New *Digital* Music ... no1

First off we have the eagerly awaited new album from the brothers Tasselmyer aka The Sound of Rescue. "Forms" is a powerful post-rock number that will not disappoint. Album art from Shannon Penner aka Orbit Over Luna is a delight too.


Earlyguard is back with another utterly immersive longform drone entitled "Possible World".

I find this piece very relaxing and deeply engaging ... it works for the times when space to think is required.


Random Forest is the new project from David Walters aka The Echelon Effect ... he has teamed up with Aaron Gilbert to create more sublime post-rock. The dynamics are particularly expressive.


Twice Removed have released some crackers of late and I have been rather amiss at not pointing everyone and their granny to them ... this will change and does with not one but two releases from them featured here.

Firstly we have "Piano Improvisation / Electrical Interferencies" by Given. This release featured in my Top 30 of 2013 ... and needs further attention. The use of piano along with glitchy, broken beat is inspired and well recommended.


Lastly we have the most delightful solo piano from Andrei Machado. "Catarse" is simply stunning ... eight wonderfully melodic and engaging solo piano soundscapes that would melt even the coldest heart. I have a real thing for solo piano right now and this hits the spot. A gig with Machodo along with Bruno Bavota and Fabrizio Paterlini would be a dream come true!


As always ... please do what you can to support truly exceptional independent music.


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