Friday, January 17, 2014

Loving ... "Human Minds, Robot Hearts" by leaving richmond

Human Minds, Robot Hearts EP by leaving richmond is a wonderfully upbeat EP that musically centres around instrumental rock. It is a driving, roller coaster thrill ride of an EP that leaves me with a smile on my face each and every time I listen to it.

The music presented on Human Minds, Robot Hearts is hard to describe without actually experiencing ... I guess all music is, to a greater or lesser extent ... but this is harder than most. It isn't predominately ambient nor is it post-rock ... certainly not as I would loosely define them ... but it has definitely been influenced by both. It is something wonderfully unique ... an infectious wall-of-sound that lifts my spirits and brings me joy.

The way the tracks are layered provides both a rich wall-of-sound for the listener and an effective foundation from which Jordan Pier can play his guitar from ... and play he does. I would love to see him play his music in a live setting ... there is so much room for face-melting guitar-shredding here ... I could just imagine how nuts the crowd would get when the opening bars of We Are Stars begins.

If you like guitar-orientated music and need a wee lift, then I heartily recommend Human Minds, Robot Hearts EP by leaving richmond.

Have a wee listen below or look out for their material on an upcoming CircumNavigator podcast:

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