Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seven Questions with ... Jordan Pier of leaving richmond

Jordan Pier creates wonderfully atmospheric instrumental rock music as leaving richmond ... a project where he gets to go where his heart leads him, musically - from full-on rock to a more relaxed, ambient style - all deeply layered and engaging for the listener.

We've been pals on Twitter for a while and Jordan recently connected with me to tell me about his latest EP - Human Minds, Robot Hearts - one I completely missed in December, when it was released. We chatted and I asked him if he'd like to be featured in my wee blog interview ... I'm delighted to say he said 'Yes!'


1) Who are you and what do you do?
I am Jordan Pier, the composer and guitarist for the instrumental, electronic rock music project, leaving richmond.

2) What are you working on at the moment?
We very recently released our third EP: Human Minds, Robot Hearts. We followed that up with two singles called An Arrangement of Infinite Silent Collisions and One Final Wound To Make You Whole Again. The latter being a fan tribute to a dramatic series I am very fond of. At the moment, we are in the process of promoting these recent releases and sharing them with as many listeners as possible.

3) Who inspires you?

I find the electronic artist Bonobo to be a considerable inspiration. With every album he releases he shows his adeptness at blending organic instruments with beautifully crafted electronic elements. Live, he is something to behold. Simply amazing music.

Los Angeles, my current city, is a hugely inspiring place to me. There is artwork everywhere you look in every form imaginable. From the beautiful street art on the urban canvas, to the live music pouring from venues all over the city, one does not need to travel far to find beauty. The amount of talent and creativity bursting from this city resonates constantly.

I know it may sound cliché but life itself is probably the greatest inspiration I can name. The individual experiences, from the seemingly mundane to the overtly fantastic craft an ever-evolving tapestry from which to pull motivation.

4) What drives you to do what you do?
First and foremost I am passionate about music, as an art form. I appreciate all forms of artistic expression but music is tied to my heart in a way that nothing else is. I try to create music that I myself would want to hear and I look at leaving richmond as my opportunity to share something unique and very personal with the world. The opportunity to move and inspire those around me is a hugely driving force in what I do.

5) What values do you wish your creativity to express?
Creating instrumental tracks gives me a unique opportunity to inspire others to craft their own mental imagery with my music as the soundtrack. In the end, I want people to know they can get completely lost in a song and that it can be a totally personal experience unique to their interpretation of what they are hearing.

6) What role does community play in what you do?
Community plays a huge role in what I do. Word of mouth sharing has been the most effective way of attracting new listeners to the music of leaving richmond. I find that to be generally true of music (or any art) that exists south of the mainstream.

7) What is next for what you do?
We’ve had the good fortune of having our music accepted into a number of publishing and licensing libraries. The marriage of our music with film and TV is not only a very organic situation but also an extremely exciting one. In addition to building and curating those opportunities, we will be beginning production on our 4th EP very soon. 2014 will also see the live incarnation of leaving richmond.


Thanks Jordan! leaving richmond's third EP: Human Minds, Robot Hearts is available on Bandcamp:

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