Friday, January 17, 2014

Wow! Official video for "Porcelain" by Snowbird

"Oh my goodness ... this is gorgeous!"

The 'this' in question is "Porcelain" by Snowbird ... the band formed by Cocteau Twins' instrumentalist Simon Raymonde with Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers' collaborator Stephanie Dosen.

According to Wikipedia ... Snowbird was born from love, musical empathy, a baby grand piano discovered on Gumtree and an expired visa, the duo have crafted an album of exquisite melody and mood that radiates the uncanny mystery of the object it’s named after: moon; released January 2014 on Raymonde's London based label Bella Union.

The video was created by Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters from and features dancing from Risa Palmer. It is simply stunning in its own right.

You can preorder the album over at Bella Union.


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