Saturday, January 21, 2006

Billy Joe's Tattoos

Found a link to this story about Billy Joe's Tattoos from Needled(dot)com - Billy Henry runs a tattoo place that also serves as a Christian ministry...
This is a Christian ministry in the form of a tattoo shop," said Henry, co-owner of the 2-year-old downtown Nashville shop he operates with his wife, who serves as manager.

"She knew how much I loved doing it, but I stopped. When I first got involved with it, I also associated it with a certain lifestyle that I no longer wanted to embrace. As a ministry, we do not force anything down anyone's throats. As our ministry, we hang out with a lot of people that a lot of Christians may feel uncomfortable to associate with.
I think Billy and his wife, Lynn's approach is tremendous and should be celebrated.
In addition, Billy Joe's is part of the Christian Tattoo Association who have this to say on their site:
Whether a tattoo artist or tattoo enthusiast, we think of our art as permanent – an everlasting mark that time may somewhat fade, but never completely remove. It's one of the most permanent alterations we can make in the flesh... but what about the spirit?

What about ink that is eternal? Imagine... eternal ink. An ink so rare, you would sell all you own to obtain it. But it can’t be bought. It’s not for sale. Yet you can posses it because it is freely given.

It was made available nearly 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross on Calvary. The innocent blood that was shed on that cross paid for your eternal ink – your name – indelibly written in the palm of God’s own hand!

Eternal ink is a sworn covenant, written in Holy blood. And it’s free. It has to be free because you can’t be good enough to deserve the Master Tattooist’s ink... nor can you be bad enough to be denied His work.
Fantastic! I have wanted to get some ink for a while - I'd love "Blood and Fire" on my right forearm. Maybe one day soon...

Oh and if you have an issue with ink - check this out: The Bible & Tattoos

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