Friday, January 13, 2006

Freeway - Coffee, Culture, Community

Every so often I am reassured that my dream/calling of creating and building community via a coffeehouse is achieveable... Check out FREEWAY in Hamilton, Canada. I am delighted to see we have a shared vision. I almost want to jump in a plane and visit the place. Its how I envisioned our place to be and its how the Kog Cafe should be. Wow! Check it out: Link

Check out their explanation of the Third Place: link

I got the heads-up from Steve Taylor's emergent kiwi blog. Freeway posted a postcard on his site. Interestingly, the comments on the postcard indicate that Freeway is part of the Salvation Army!!! NO WAY!!! Check out the postcard: Link If this is being done... then it can be replicated.

Check out the Freeway church's blog - The Colloquy - for more thoughts/ideas. Its a worthy read.



spirit2go team said...

hey, glad you find the postcards so inspiring. have you connected with paul thomson, in edinburgh? blogs at

you might have a lot in common


Anonymous said...

Hey, greetings from FRWY. Anything we can do to help/encourage/inspire/learn from each other... we're in. Drop me a line to connect.



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