Monday, January 16, 2006

Mac users 'too smug' over security

Article on the BBC News webspace about Mac security by the Beeb's Technology commentator Bill Thompson. When he speaks, I tend to listen... So if you rock the Mac have a read and take a second look at your security.


It looks like Bill Thompson has been flamed on his article which I think is crazy - He is a Mac user speaking his mind - he has responded to the comments (link) and support his view:
In this article, I was speaking to an audience of Mac users of all skill levels, some of whom know nothing about computers. They need to understand that security matters to them just as much as it matters to Windows users.

I hope I achieved that goal, even if I did upset a lot of people who seem to feel that anything but fawning admiration for Apple is an act of betrayal by an apostate.

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