Friday, January 20, 2006

A Marvelous Healing

A Marvelous Healing by Gerard Kelly - sourced from []

it was a marvellous healing;
after the months of asking,
of waiting;
after the desperate, slow deterioration,
the warring tides
of faith and doubt:
to be released in an instant,
from every pain.
it was as if the very molecules of his flesh
had been infused, invaded,
with the life of God,
until he was filled, fit to burst,
with the Shalom, the peace,
of the Father's rule.
limbs that had fallen flaccid with weakness
waved and danced with joy;
lungs that had so utterly failed him
sang out with strength and boldness.

he ran
through the unfamiliar sunlight,
drinking it in,
experiencing all at once
the thousand and one feelings
that for so long had been denied him.

it was a marvellous healing:
to be so totally restored,
made whole,
it had just surprised him,
a little,
that he had had to die
to receive it.
The poem can be found here: Link

I found this poem on Jonny Baker's blog and really was comforted by it. I have to be honest when I say I know my Uncle Robert was steadfast - his faith was so strong - but I don't think I am alone when I say I have experienced the warring tides of faith and doubt so eloquently captured in words by Gerard.

I also would have paid serious money to have seen my uncle run... he was a strong, vibrant chap but he wasn't a runner...

Anyway, I strongly commend you to check out Gerard Kelly's blog: Spoken Word and recognise his talent.

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