Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Check this out... Pandora is a fab web radio / music streaming service where you add the name of a band - such as Boards of Canada or Broadcast - and it will play music by them and also recommend similar music. You can encourage it to play more music of a type if you like it or allow you to avoid other bands if you don't like them. Thanks to PS for mentioning it (although it was a while back before Christmas)

Taking it one step further is Mr Baker - he has logged Pandora as a worship trick for progressive spaces with wi-fi - it allows you to create contemplative music with a sense of spontenaity - Link

Check it out...

Been playing with Pandora and I now have the following artist inspired streams: Vangelis / Global Communication / Cornelius / Boards of Canada. I like it and will continue to use their service... however, some of the tunes they choose are a bit dodgy - For example, I have had Yanni, Elaine Paige and CELINE DIONE!!! when I was listening to the Vangelis stream. Surely, Ulrich Schnauss would have been a better choice? They did play Harold Budd a couple of times which was fab.

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