Monday, January 30, 2006

The Supermodel & the Barrow Boy

Tonight, at Alpha, Andrea (our Minister) recounted something someone said about Olly and me... It went along the lines of: "We were a lovely couple who really made them feel welcome and at home in the church" (so far, so good) "but they are such an unlikely couple... Olly is like a supermodel and Tom is like a barrow boy!!!"

No disrespect was intended and none was taken...and I don't think any confidences were broken. Personally, I find it funny. Olly is lovely and a stunner so I am happy with her definition but who/what is a barrow boy?

The defintion of a barrow boy according to wordnet is "a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow"... Strangely amusing...

I follow the definition on google (should I be boycotting them or something?) and Gilles Peterson is described for Triptych 05 as a "barrow boy" so there is definately some cache here...

Hmm... I think I will take it in the spirit that it was intended... Now... Get yer bananas here!!!

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