Monday, January 16, 2006

Urbanites' Ten Great Expectations...

In the Metro... the free paper I get when I commute to work... they discuss the top ten things that "Urbanites" (ie the respondents to their survey) feel are important:

1) To live a meaningful & experience-rich urban life
2) To succeed in multiple areas of life
3) To get substantial fulfillment from work
4) To be the hub of a large friendship network
5) To find true love in the modern world
6) To make time to enjoy time
7) To use debt to have what they want now
8) To have a progressive government that delivers results
9) To live in a pleasant urban village
10) To live a responsible life as an urban consumer

I really relate to this top ten and identify with the majority of the values. Taking it one step further - how do you create church that is meaningful to Urbanites? Church does seek to enable people to live meaningful and experience-rich lives and should be part of community... the community sought for in an urban village environment.

Most of all... these are the areas where Urbanites are seeking answers... these are areas that the church needs to have the answers to be relevant...

Food for thought...

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