Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I believe we all have a role as Stewards of Creation... and I think Treehugger is a fantastic resource to help you fulfill this role. They are looking to create a store - it presently holds some worthy reading - and I thought I'd quote their positioning statement as it makes real sense to me:
Welcome to the beginnings of the TreeHugger store!

TreeHugger's objective is to help push sustainability mainstream. One of the ways we can help do this is by providing our readers with a place to buy the best in sustainable design. It is also a way to supplement our income such that we can continue to provide free content to the world.

Our aim is to provide only the most heavily vetted products to you such that in a world full of greenwashing, you can be sure that we have done our homework for you. We will provide you with as much relevant info as we can and we look forward to reader's comments and feedback.

3 important things we ask you ask yourself before buying.

1) Do you really need it?
2) Can you get it second-hand? Or repair the old one(s)?
3) Can you get it from a closer source?

Onwards and upwards,
Team TreeHugger
Check it out. treehugger(dot)com

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