Sunday, January 08, 2006

Explaining the MacWorld Expo...

There are 2 more sleeps until Steve's keynote at MacWorld... I can't wait! Olly will be out and I'll get the girls occupied and... hopefully... get some peace to watch the webcast. Please don't pop in / call / text / skype / AIM me...unless you have medical proof (signed by 2 doctors) that it is an emergency!

If this seems crazy to you then read this article: Understanding Mac Geeks: The Week Before Keynote It will make things clearer:
What CES is to many other electronics geeks, Macworld San Francisco is to Mac Geeks. It's the show where Apple announces new gear in a flashy keynote with Steve Jobs telling us about Apple's Health, what they've been up to, and what we can look forward to.../

/...Apple launches the iTMS with Bono and U2. Bill launches "Urge" with post-Janet post-Britney Justin Timberlake. JT may get nominated for Grammies, but Bono gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Check it out... makes for a funny read.

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