Thursday, January 19, 2006


Took today off... my head is just not together to focus on work...

Anyway, had a bath this morning - listened to a Vangelis stream on Pandora - and reflected on my Uncle's life. One of the memories that came to me was his "Siamese Twin" joke...

My Uncle had quite a large scar on his chest... not quite sure why - I think it was something to do with being scalded when he was a bairn... he always would tell people that this was where his twin was separated from him when he was younger. I think my daughters still believe him to this day.

Bob was the life of a party... even when he was snoozing after a big Finlay meal... His joking was legendary and you always felt good after time with him.

There is a hole in our life with him gone... he will be missed!

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