Monday, January 23, 2006

Chris Moyles interview in the Observer Music Monthly

I love Chris Moyles but rarely get more than the podcast to keep me going. Olly raves about his and listens to him in the morning before/during/after the school run. OMM this month has an interview with him. Thought this comment was interesting:
His mum is proud of both her sons - older son Kieron works as a radio plugger round the corner from Radio 1 - but would like them to go to church again. Chris Moyles went with his parents on Christmas Day for the first time in a long while but is ambivalent about it all. He wants to believe but isn't sure there's anything to believe in.

But all those formative years going to church have made him wary of the possible existence of heaven and hell. 'I don't want to die and go to heaven to find a big, burly-looking Jesus on the gates saying, "Oh, I didn't exist, huh?" It's always better to keep an open mind just in case.'
Read the whole interview here: Link

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