Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Rich

I like my toys... I'm not a traditional status person - I rock limited rather than expensive... I seek out sweet designs and appreciate classics. I love what BIG GAME have done here for the +41 event... Making luxury items for classic designs like a BIC pen or iPod headphones. Nice idea...
In their latest collection, Big-game questions the meaning of accessories and offers new alternatives to jewellery. This series of objects entitled “NEW RICH” results from the confrontation between mass products and luxury.

When gold replaces plastic, democratic and functional objects become exclusive in a subtle way.

“We’ve picked standard, universal products, and replaced a part of each object by an equivalent in gold”, explains Elric Petit. “We love the shrewd blend between the down-to-earth functionalism of mass-products and the ultimate precious material: gold”
Check it out here: Link

Thanks to Coolhunting for the heads up on this.

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