Friday, January 27, 2006

Fighting back...

Check this out... This numptie along with another is alleged to have stolen a 17" Powerbook from a business in Australia. The owner has gone POSTAL and taken all the info he has amassed on the theft (the numpties checked email so the owner has an IP address / detailed pics of the people and their car / a withheld call to the owner's mobile) and posted it on the Aus eBay: Link The owner is so smart using the net and the media to catch the numpties - no laptop returned as yet but 47,000 folk know about the story!!! Ha ha... never mess with the Cult of Mac!

Thanks to TUAW for the heads up on this.

eBay pulled the ad because they weren't selling anything... so they have reposted with an ad selling the story of the events along with "Internet for Dummies" and "World's Dumbest Criminals". Sweet. Check it out here: Link

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