Saturday, March 31, 2007

Connect Festival

Part ((1)) of two music related posts...

I'm not a target market!

Or at least I try to persuade myself that I am not... but, unfortunately, I seem to be the target market for the new Scottish music festival :: Connect

It is billed as... Scotland's new three day boutique event... to be held in the stunning grounds of Inveraray Castle, situated on the banks of one of Scotlands most beautiful lochs, Loch Fyne, Argyll on 31st August, 1st & 2nd September 2007.

Acts announced so far include Beastie Boys... Bjork... CSS... Nouvelle Vague... LCD Soundsystem... Mogwai... and Primal Scream :: Its caught my attention anyway.

I quite fancy it... and thought it would be an ideal escape for Roscoe's stag whatever - A weekend at the end of summer overlooking the fab Loch... enjoying some great tunes. Nothing untoward which will keep me in Janey and Ruth's good books. We'll see. I do, however, fancy it regardless.

I've never been to a festival ((one... two... three... awww!)) and this is more my kind of thing.

I've never been camping either... and would be up for 2 nights in the great outdoors. I do like the enterprise that a company called Tangerine Fields have - they are the official tent provider at Connect as well as most of the other UK festivals. For £95 you can hire the 2 Person Dome Tent Package with a spacious dome tent, with storage porch, double airbed, and 2 sleeping bags. What's even cooler is that any sleeping bag they hire out... after the event they give them away to the homeless charity Crisis.

I figure I should be able to beg or borrow kit for the weekend... but I like the idea and give them kudos for it.

Heading off on a tangent... while on the Tangerine Fields website... I followed a link to the Family Music website.

They offer a kind of cooler music club kind of service... where, for a fee, they send you a number of CDs that they believe you'll love from the info you've given them (fav artists / wish lists etc). Its another enterprising idea that I give props to. Personally, I like the hunt... the search... the flipping through racks in music shops like Fopp... but I can appreciate some people don't have the time and like the idea of a curator's recommendation.

So anyway... who is up for a festival?

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Laura Whispering said...

Bjork & Nouvelle Vague at one place? Sounds amazing.


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