Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Could We Do Worship / Be Church In Similar Ways?

I found this article on interesting this morning when I read it on the train.

I posed the question could we do worship / be church in similar ways? and I thought I'd explain what I meant.

Is commuting... regular traveling from A to B... a community in which it is possible to belong / participate?

We define community either through location-specific attributes or by interest/passion... commuting falls into both categories... it is location-specific (instead of a place it involves 2 places and the journey in-between) AND it is interest based (people need to get to B from A).

I know of colleagues who built lasting relationships with fellow travelers... I suppose spending all that time in taxis and in airport lounges will do that.

Do you commute to/from the same place? Do you tend to stick to the same time and method of transport? I tend to get the train from Motherwell to Glasgow (Argyle Street) either at 0825hr or 0845hrs in the morning... coming home usually on the 1707hrs or 1739hrs "Lanark Express" train. I have built up a series of familiar faces... with a small group of individuals that I speak to.

Is it possible to take this to the next level? Building meaningful relationships with fellow travelers and/or sharing with likeminded folks instead of falling asleep / watching TED videos on the iPhone etc.

I don't know. Its is completely situational... but if 2 or 3 can get together... well... you know who is there in the midst! Think about it. Open your eyes to the things that take your time... the things that place you in regular proximity with others... and see where you can take it.

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Stewart said...

I think it is possible. My wife has a very close friend she met on the train more than 20 years ago. I think it's less common now than in the past, perhaps because evryone is plugged into an iPod or trying not to engage with anyone.

Not sure how you get past that but I guess seeing the same people on the platform everyday helps.


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