Saturday, September 27, 2008

Differing Opinions...

Slept through the first Presidential debate... but I caught up with it... kind of... via Twitter. What got me was the differing opinions. The same event... with the Obama faithful saying he won... and the McCain faithful saying he won and, in the same breath, claiming the media will spin it to show Obama winning.

The way I read it... its down to experienced status quo or hopeful change.

When you consider the bail out of the American financial industry... I think America... and the world... needs change!

Picture posted with LifeCast... commentary updated later.

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Kerry said...

I agree. After watching the debate, I thought Obama was more poised and had better answers. Granted, I wish they had been shorter answers so Jim Leher could have asked more questions. The next one is Thursday night.

(sidenote - sometimes, I'm surprised at how many non-Americans are into American politics.)



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