Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Loving :: "Hydrophobia" by Entertainment For The Braindead

Hydrophobia by the fabulously named Entertainment for the Braindead aka Julia Kotowski is another worthy addition to the Aerotone collection.

Hers is a delicate... fragile... lo-fi folktronica [albeit more folk than electronica] that is a beautifully subtle antithesis of all the in-you-face music of now. Her approach to music is refreshing and inspiring...
“Hydrophobia” is full of colourful sounds and melodies. Ukulele, guitar and flute are ever-present instruments, just like Julia's wonderful voice and her unconventional percussion that consists of jars, cans, boxes, drawers and peppermills. Her intimate songs are detailed snapshots of thoughts and feelings - sometimes filtered and reflected, sometimes pure and transparent.
Julia's voice is engaging with a warmth and maturity that is simply ironic considering the subject matter that she has based her songs :: drowning...

This album is something special and well worth checking out for free from aerotone

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