Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Lunch...

I picked up a couple of Dave Gorman's books today from a chap in my work for £1.50 each... bargain!

Can't wait to devour them as I devoured the turkey and pickle sandwich at lunch time. I'm not sure if you are meant to bring-your-own-lunch into St.Arbucks but figure the patron saint of coffee won't mind, will she?

I love sitting in Borders and reading / watching the world go by (or buy... it is a shop) / listening to music on my iPod whilst Twittering away inanely on my iPhone.

Been reading about hallowing the everyday in the shaping of things to come by Frost and Hirsch. Not hollowing... thanks very much... that could be considered vandalism but hallowing... the making holy... the offering up of everything we do as an act of revealing God's glory.

God's glory is to be found in everything everyday by everyone... and we have to intentionally seek out His glory. Holiness is not about being set apart, per se, nor is it about what we don't do... it is all about what we do... in that we direct everything we do... everything we have towards God... the ultimate creator.

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