Monday, September 15, 2008


This is Verity and she needs your help...
Hi there my name is Verity Blunt, I have just been offered the position of Office Co-ordinator at Youth For Christ Head office in Halesowen in the UK.

One of the criteria before I can start my position is that I have to raise 50% of my total yearly salary. Would you be prepared to support me in anyway monthly or a one off gift, this payment would go straight to YFC to support my wage?

I can't wait to serve God in this position but I need some help in being able to get there, thank you for your time.

Every Blessing
A good friend asked if I could help Verity... and I thought of you all!

I figured we could maybe crowdsource her wage in someway... everyone do a wee bit with love... and, in turn, use the ol' nanolog for good.

If you can help... please go direct to Verity ( verityblunt [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk ) and she'll hook you up with more information.

Please check out for more info on what Youth for Christ are all about.

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