Sunday, September 07, 2008

Miriam :: Junior Soldier :: Bellshill

The enrollment went well this morning... with Miriam and Amy racing through their repeating of their promises to a packed gathering... then they signed their promises on the Mercy Seat (a beautiful metaphor).

Afterward... we grabbed some coffee/cake with the various family/friends who came to witness the enrollment. It was a poignant gathering of the people in Miriam & Amy's lives... and it meant a lot to Olly and I to see everyone who made the effort to be there.

Later on... back in the house... it was simply staggering to watch Miriam open all the presents from her family, friends and corps-folk... bibles... study guides... stationary... She was mightily blessed with everyone's generosity.

She is buzzing... and long may her enthusiasm continue. This is just one wee milestone in a long journey. One she knows she doesn't walk alone.

Picture posted with LifeCast... text updated later.


Louise said...

aww bless she looks so proud

caldjr said...

great to see T. all our love to Miriam and the whole family. All go well??


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