Saturday, September 13, 2008

This looks cool :: Netaudio '08

This festival/conference looks interesting...
Netaudio’08 will play host to a broad range of live musical acts all the way from well established musicians through to undiscovered new talent – the only criteria is that they sound good and that they engage via the medium of the Internet. Musically Netaudio’08 will provide a programme spanning genres and cultural boundaries and embracing the widest possible selection of sounds humming through the Internet.

Within the conference side of the festival, Netaudio’08 will explore the creative practice and merit of digital networking tools. Workshops will share knowledge about music production and digital distribution whilst presentations will take a lead in the discussion of altered user behaviour in the networked society – both aiming to engage the thought provoking process of music production, distribution and consumption in an age of networked communication.
It takes place from 22nd to 25th October 2008 at Shunt Lounge, London SE1.

I would love to go... to hear the music and discuss "altered user behaviour in the networked society". Unfortunately the we'ans' "October Week" is the week before. Any of my peeps in London interested in checking it out and reporting for the ol' nanolog?

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