Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Beautiful :: 1.16 :: greg garrett pt.1

I am so bad at publicising the podcast I do with my pal JD but we are now at 1.16 with the first part of an interview with Greg Garrett...

Greg is an English professor at Baylor University and also a lay-pastor at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. He recently wrote a great book - “Stories from the Edge A Theology of Grief” based on the summer he spent as a chaplain in Austin, Texas.

JD talked to Greg about how he dealt with his own personal “demons” and how he was led into the chaplaincy and some of what he learned in the process.

It is good stuff... if I am allowed to big it up. The archives are pretty good too.

Check it out here or subscribe via iTunes.

1 comment:

Angus Mathie said...

Have subscribed through iTunes and look forward to catching up. Listened to latest on Nathan and the allotments. Good stuff!


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